Why Skylights Are Trending in 2021

With modern society’s increasing interest in sustainable energy, skylights have become more popular than ever. Although skylights have been around for a while, they’ve been trending a great deal in 2021. This is due to increasing amounts of people waking up to the many incredible benefits that they pose. These benefits include a decrease in energy costs and usage, increased ventilation throughout the home, and immeasurable aesthetic appeal.

For Colorado customers in the Denver Metro area looking for local, professional, and affordable skylight installation, Pinnacle Roofing provides independent Colorado service with a passion. As well as traditional roofing services, such as gutter installation, construction management, drywall repair, painting services, window repair, and siding, we offer professional skylight installations that homeowners in the Denver Metro area can count on.

What Are Skylights?

Skylights are oversized windows that are installed in your ceiling. They allow for fresh air and sunshine to come in during the day, but also serve other purposes. They naturally light your home without the need for electricity, and provide ample ventilation to it’s interior. They also have a good amount of aesthetic value, both due to the natural light that they let in and the designs of the skylights themselves.

Why Are Skylights Trending in 2021?

Given that skylights are light sources that provide an alternative to traditional energy usage, it’s no wonder that they have become increasingly popular amongst environmentally conscious demographics in 2021. Even outside of their economic and environmental appeal, skylights can add a stunning new atmosphere to your home that will drastically change your daily living.

Reduced Energy Cost and Usage

Skylights provide just what their name implies: natural light from the sky that will illuminate your home instead of traditional light from electricity. The only difference is, this light doesn’t cost you a recurring fee, and there’s no carbon footprint from using it. Although there will be an installation fee for the skylights themselves, their light doesn’t require a monthly payment. As well, their light requires no contracts or hook-ups given that it comes directly from the sun.

Fresh Air and Ventilation

Skylights can allow much greater ventilation for your indoor area than traditional windows due to their increased coverage. This allows for a much greater amount of fresh air to get into your home, improving both the atmosphere of your living quarters and your family’s overall health. The ventilation provided by skylights can also be beneficial during the hot Colorado summers, providing temperature regulation without as much need for a cooling system.

Dramatically Increased Aesthetic Appeal

Finally, skylights are invaluable to many homeowners due simply to their aesthetic appeal. This appeal is twofold, both in the appearance of the skylights themselves and in the natural light that they cast over the interior of your home. Skylights on the ceiling can greatly increase how large, open, and spacious the interior of your home feels, adding to the overall luxurious effect of the skylight in the modern home. Skylights also allow you to take in the outside’s natural views, and this organic atmosphere can drastically increase your ability to relax and sleep in your home.
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Local Skylight Installation Throughout the Denver Metro Area

Based out of Aurora, Pinnacle Roofing is a local Colorado business that proudly serves customers throughout the Denver Metro area. Our areas of service include Littleton, Castle Rock, and Fort Collins. On top of our traditional roofing services, we also offer complete professional skylight installation to homeowners in the area. Getting a skylight installation done on your home doesn’t have to be a complicated and invasive procedure, and Pinnacle Roofing is here to help Colorado customers be sure that they’re getting the best service for their dollar.
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