Should You Repair, Patch, or Replace Your Roof?

Your home’s roof is by far one of its most essential features. Critical for keeping out rain, sleet, snow, hail,  and anything else Mother Nature throws at it, it’s crucial your roof stays in excellent shape. Of course, after years in all sorts of inclement weather, most roofs in Colorado will start to show signs of wear and tear. 

Maybe you’ve seen them already, the lonely shingles in your yard or bald spots on your roof. Perhaps you’ve noticed water spots or leaks inside your home, a sure sign that your roof is in dire need of help. If you have,  it might be time to ask yourself a question; should you repair, patch, or replace your roof? 

We’ll help you answer that exact question in the following fact-filled paragraphs. It’s an important question,  too, as leaky roofs can lead to catastrophic home damage (a lot of which you might not even see!). If that’s the real-world advice you’re looking for today, read on to find out more.

Repair or Replace Your Roof? - Some Things To Consider

It’s tough for a layperson to decide whether their roof needs repairs or should be replaced instead. Roof repair is a specialty service demanding the skills of a competent, experienced Aurora roofing company.  However, there are a few things you can look at yourself that will help you determine whether your roof needs a patch, some repairs, or should be replaced entirely. They include: 

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The Age of Your Roof

The age of your roof is one of the factors that count most when considering repairs or replacement. For example, repairing it would make more sense if you’ve had your roof replaced in the last few years. The roof might be damaged, but repairs should be enough in most cases as it’s still new-ish. On the other hand, a roof that’s 20, 25, 30, or more years old should probably be replaced. An Aurora roofing company can help you decide the best course of action. Below, though, are a few telltale signs that your roof is old and falling apart,  including:

  1. 1. Your roof is sagging badly in spots. 
  2. 2. Shingles are missing in several areas. 
  3. 3. You can see shingles that are buckling, curling, bald, and/or blistering.
  4. 4. There’s moss all over your roof. 
  5. 5. You find shingle granules in your gutters all the time. 

How Long You Plan to Stay in Your Current Home

Here’s the thing; roof replacement is relatively expensive. If you don’t plan to stay in your current home much longer, spending that money might not be a wise financial decision. On the other hand, if you’re planning to stay for a long time, replacing your roof is likely the better idea. 

One caveat; selling your home with an old, oft-repaired roof might be more difficult. It also might lower your home’s value, something that might affect your finances even more than the cost of replacing your roof.

Matching Shingles and Colors

One reason to replace rather than repair your roof is the shingles themselves. It’s imperative they match in style, color, and so forth. If your roof is older, that might not be possible. If you repair or patch the roof, it could end up looking like an unsightly mess. That, in turn, could lower your home’s curb appeal, something to consider if you’re selling. An Aurora Roofing Company would be able to determine if matching tiles and colors are still available. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Repairing and Replacing Your Roof

To help you decide whether to repair, patch, or replace your roof, we’ve got a few pros and cons of both below. 

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Roof Repairs

  • Pro- Repairing your roof is typically cheaper than replacing it
  • Pro- Roof repairs extend the life of your current roof
  • Con- Matching shingles can be difficult, if not impossible
  • Con- Mismatched shingles can lower your home’s value

Roof Replacement

  • Pro- A new roof increases your home’s curb appeal significantly. (According to real estate experts approximately 40% of a home’s curb appeal is determined by the roof.)
  • Pro- You’ll have peace of mind, knowing your roof is good to go for years to come
  • Con- Replacing the roof is a significant cost
  • Con- Replacing the roof is a big, loud, chaotic job that takes several days

Tile Shingles- The Most Durable Roofing Choice?

Tile shingles are highly durable, with a lifespan that can reach 100 years! They’re also quite beautiful and add a certain charm to any home. Typically made from clay or terracotta, today’s tile shingles are also made from molded concrete and come in various shapes and styles, including fluted and interlocking. Below are some of the pros and cons of tile shingles, including:
  • They last incredibly long, up to 100 years!
  • Very low maintenance under normal conditions.
  • Their heavy thermal mass can help regulate your home’s indoor temperature and help you save on energy bills.
  • They’re environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.


  • They cost 2 to 3X what an asphalt roof will cost.
  • They are brittle and break easily from impacts, especially hail. (Just ask any Aurora roofing company.) They weigh much more than other tile choices. In some cases, your home may need structural reinforcement, which could be very expensive.
  • Expensive to repair.

Hire a Professional Roofing Company


Deciding whether to patch, repair, or replace your roof in Aurora, CO, can be complicated, no doubt. Experts recommend getting an inspection from an Aurora roofing company specializing in roof repair.

Pinnacle Roofing Associates are the roof repair specialists in Aurora, offering Denver roofing services and many other valuable home services. That includes skylight installation, gutter installation, construction management, drywall repair, painting services, windows/ screens repair, and siding. Call today for a free estimate.

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