Pinnacle Roofing Says Replace Your Roof This Winter Before The Snow

Aurora roofing company Pinnacle Roofing advises homeowners to take advantage of Colorado's warm winter start and replace their roof now before the snow hits.

December 1, 2021 – Aurora, CO – Pinnacle Roofing, a top-rated roofing company in Aurora, CO, announced today that Colorado’s warm winter start is the perfect time to get needed roof repairs and replacement jobs done. They advise getting roof renovations before the winter snows lock the state in the cold for the next few months. As one of the top roofing companies in the Denver metro area, Pinnacle Roofing offers highly trained and experienced roofing experts.

The warm start to winter in Colorado hasn’t been great for the ski resorts, it’s true. However, one of Aurora,  Colorado’s top roofing companies, Pinnacle Roofing, believes the warm winter is a blessing in disguise. The reason why is simple; it’s giving Aurora homeowners the extra time they need to replace their old, damaged,  cracked, or leaking roof. 


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Shingle Roof Repair

With a leading, shingle repair service, Pinnacle Roofing knows that the winter in Colorado can be extreme. Heavy snows, sleet, freezing rain, and ice can be exceptionally damaging to a home’s roof. The roofing experts at Pinnacle also realize that, once winter snows start to fall, the likelihood of repairing a roof drops significantly until springtime. 

With over 25 years of experience, Pinnacle Roofing Associates is a veteran-owned roofing company with fully licensed and insured roofing experts on its team. Based in Aurora, CO, Pinnacle Roofing extends into the Denver metro area and has been in business for nearly a decade. That experience tells them that now is a  perfect time to fix a roof with heavy snow on the not-too-distant horizon.

“We haven’t seen a winter start this mild in years, and it won’t last long,” says company founder and veteran  Mike Owens. He adds that “once the snow starts, replacing or fixing a roof becomes much more difficult  and, frankly, expensive.” Owens knows of what he speaks as a resident of the Centennial State for over 10  years. 

Aurora homeowners are encouraged to call Pinnacle Roofing very soon for shingle roofing services. That’s especially true if they want to have their roof repaired or replaced before the snow starts to fall and this window of opportunity runs out. That goes for gutter services also, which many Aurora homes need. The weather could change drastically in a very short amount of time, after which homeowners will have to deal with leaks, cold, and damage until the warm weather comes back sometime in Spring. 



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