7 Factors That Impact Roof Replacement Cost

There are few things more important than your home’s roof when it comes to home improvement and protection. Your roof defends your home from the weather, keeps it comfortable throughout the year,  increases its curb appeal, and increases its retail value too. 

Knowing the following 7 factors that impact roof replacement costs is essential if you plan to replace your roof. That includes finding a top-notch Aurora roofing company. Read on to find out what they are and ensure you get a great new roof at a reasonable price. 

1- Roofing Material

The material used to manufacture the shingles for your new roof is one of the principal factors in its overall cost. Depending on your budget, needs, and wants, there are several different materials to choose from.

An experienced roofing contractor in Aurora, CO, can help you choose the best material for your home and budget. The three most common types of roofing materials (from affordable to expensive) include: 

  1. Asphalt Shingles 
  2. Cedar Shake 
  3. Standing Seam Metal 
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2- The Size of Your Roof

A critical factor in the cost of a new roof is the size of the roof itself and the area that needs to be covered. A  larger roof will need more shingles and other materials, increasing the cost the larger it gets. By the way,  calculating the size of your roof is best done by an Aurora, CO roofing contractor. (It’s not as easy as  determining the square footage of your home as most roofs have many different slopes and angles.)

3- The Accessibility of Your Roof

Being able to access your roof is a significant factor in the final cost. Your Aurora roofing company must have at least one access point where roofers can offload new roofing materials and carry them to the roof. 

Also, the ability to place a dump truck close to your home can affect the overall cost. The further your  Aurora roofer needs to go to dump old roofing materials, the more expensive it will be. Landscaping can also present a problem, especially when shrubs, fences, and walkways prevent them from accessing your roof easily. 

4- Roof Penetrations

Anything that penetrates or pokes through your roof is called a penetration point. The more penetration points your roof has, the more time and energy it takes to install your roof, increasing the final cost.  Skylights and chimneys add the most costly due to the time it takes your Aurora roofing company to work around them.

5- The Complexity of Your Roof

After its size, the second most significant factor impacting the cost of a new roof is its complexity. For example, a roof with many hips, facets, and valleys will cost more than a more simple, straightforward a-frame roof. Also, the steepness of your roof (called the pitch) can be a critical factor. The steeper the pitch, the greater the expense. 

Lastly, the height of your roof is a factor. For example, a three-story home will have a much higher roof than a ranch. Your Aurora, CO roofing contractor, on a high roof, will need to take more precautions and move more slowly for safety reasons. That can add to the price considerably.

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6- The Condition of Your Old Roof

Your existing roof condition plays a critical factor in the price. For example, a roof that’s old but in relatively good shape will cost significantly less than one that’s heavily damaged and needs the underlying structure replaced. 

Also, if your roof has had several leaks over the years, significant structural damage might be present and your Aurora roofing company will need to repair it. Those repairs add time, effort, and material, which will increase the overall cost.

7- Removal and Dumping Fees

Replacing your roof means tearing off the old roof at all of the material used to make it. Those materials,  including shingles, wood, metal, and more, must be disposed of properly. Your Aurora roofing company will handle the dumping. However, you will need to pay the dumpsite fees, which vary depending on where, exactly, you live. 

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