Choosing the Best Color Shingle Roof for Your Home

Are you thinking about replacing the roof of your home? Reroofing is an excellent chance to rethink your roof’s color, to inject timelessness and a little pizazz.

At Pinnacle Roofing Associates, we provide many color options for your roof shingles in Aurora, CO and the Denver metro area. Colors include Black, Grey, Brown, Red, Blue, and Green. Call us for roofing guidance and white-glove home improvement services.

Use the below tips to select the right roof, from style and color, to design and shape.

Take Advantage of Your Roof to Show Off Your Sense of Style​

About 40 percent of the exterior of a home consists of the roof. There are countless colors and styles available for roofing shingles in Aurora and the Denver metro area. It is not only exciting to design your home’s exterior but also essential in your property’s value addition.

Match Shingles and Siding

Make a Mood Board to Organize Your Thoughts

Window shutters, trim and siding all tie into your exterior in addition to the roof. Make use of online mood boards and style boards to gain inspiration and narrow down your options. You can use mood boards to determine what type of aesthetic should dominate your next roof, whether trendy or classic.

Don't Be Limited By What You Already Have

Reconsider which color roof shingles might bring a better overall appearance to your home when replacing your roof. Then, take advantage of home exterior remodeling projects to enhance your home’s appearance.

Choose a Shingle Roof Color That Blends With Your Sidings

One of the foolproof approaches to a remarkably aesthetic exterior is choosing a roof color that syncs well with the color of your sidings. The information below can help you match the color of your shingle roof in Aurora, CO or Denver, to the rest of your home’s exterior:

Best Matching Home Siding Color To Roof Color(s): 
Red: Dark Brown, Grey, Black, Green
Light Grey: Grey, Green, Black, Blue, White
Beige/Cream: Brown, Grey, Black, Green, Blue
Brown: Grey, Green, Brown, Blue
White: Almost any color including Brown, Black, Grey, Green, Blue, White
Weathered Wood or Log Houses: Brown, Green, Black, Grey

Choosing The Best Color Shingle Roof for Your Home

Consider The Style of Roofing Shingles

Choosing a shingle color isn’t just about color, but the type of shingle you use can have an effect on the look of your house, as well as the durability of your roof. There are many options homeowners can choose from, those include asphalt, synthetic, or tile shingles. All styles of shingle roofs can have an impact on the aesthetic of your home and add a little more flair to your home. In addition, the material of your roof will offer different levels of protection.

Consider The Actual Cost Impact of Upgrading Your Shingle Roof

A designer color roof shingle may cost less than you think, so it may be within your budget to upgrade. A roofing contractor can provide you with an accurate estimate. If you get the best shingles you really want, the final cost may only rise by a few hundred dollars. Ask your contractor to look at the cost of each shingle option you are considering so you can make the right decision.

Be Confident About Your Ideas for Roofing Colors and Styles

If you want roofing shingles in a specific style or color, don’t limit yourself. When working with your roofers to find the right shingles for your home, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask for additional large format samples or to see more variety. It is recommended to do the initial color selection on the manufacturer’s site, followed by a review of contractor samples.

Check Out The Shingles in Person

It is advised to look at nearby homes that are installed with the same shingle color. You can get some ideas of how the shingle color will appear in natural light if you find a home with a similar roofline and pitch.

Think Long Term

Changing the color of the shingle roof can create the illusion of changing the house’s exterior color. Just remember that once you pair a color granule with another, it will look different. So don’t worry too much about matching up your colors strictly. The sample board your contractor brought will help you visualize how the granules will be blended once the roof is installed.

Analyze The Effect of Lighting

The lighting during the day can affect the color of your shingles. Different times throughout the day will affect the perceived color of your shingles and home. Therefore, ensure that you study your color samples throughout the day: morning, noon, and evening, before choosing your favorite.

Hire A Professional

An expert with a trained eye can always be hired as a second opinion. In most cases, the siding, trim, and  paint colors can be seamlessly coordinated by working together to choose the right shingles.

The process of choosing roof shingle colors can be fulfilling and enjoyable. Consider reimagining your home exterior design aesthetic as you replace your next roof. Contact Pinnacle Roofing Associates to request a free estimate on your roofing shingles in Aurora, CO or the Denver metro area.

Hire a Professional