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Schedule a roof installation in Aurora, CO

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When part of your roof is starting to wear, it’s usually easier to plan for a roof replacement than repairs. Pinnacle Roofing Associates LLC. offers roof installations you can rely on. You can have a roof installed over the existing roof or our professional crew will handle roof removal services before the new one is installed. We have experience with an array of roofing materials, including:
  • Tile roofing
  • Shake roofing
  • Bitumen roofing

Our experienced roofing contractor will visit your residence and provide you with an estimate on the roofing installation services you need. Contact Pinnacle Roofing Associates LLC. today to beautify your home with a new roof.

We’ll remove your existing shingles

If you need a roof replacement, we’ll remove your existing shingles before preparing your roof for the new installation. We’ll make sure your home’s underlayment is in good condition. We’ll take care of the installation of the new shingles, along with the flashing and ridge cap. We understand that a roof installation is a big investment. Hire a roofing contractor you can rely on in the Aurora, CO area.

Not Your Grandma's Shingles!

Shingles now coming in a variety of shades

Owens Corning and GAF now offer a wide variety of shingle colors and materials to customize the look of your roof. Whether you prefer traditional black composite shingles or a bolder merlot color, we can help you choose the style that fits your home and lifestyle. Please click the icons below to browse the available shingle options and then call us for a consultation: (303) 589-0708